Below you’ll find our Virginia Edition of our COVID-19 Financial Guidance for Employers Across the DMV region.

We are here to help employers across DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) with their financial strategy navigating COVID-19 challenges and have prepared this Virginia Employer Resources for COVID-19 to help our Virginia-based clients. Please don’t hesitate to schedule time with us so we can best advise you on what are the best financial actions we can take to assist your business. Below you’ll find new nation-wide resources as well as the Virginia-specific summary of the available funding, tax relief, and more. To help you stay informed and keep track of the numerous federal, state, and local government and non-governmental resources, we’ve consolidated a PDF that we are updating regularly and is specifically relevant to businesses across the DMV. Contact Us to let us know how else we can be of support.

Funding Available Across the DMV

  • U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) – Low-interest loans to companies affected by the outbreak. Go here to apply. SBA’s Customer Service Center 1-800-659-2955 (Hours: 7 am-9 pm every day) Email for help in completing their online application. General SBA guidance for businesses can be found here.
  • Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act – $10,000 emergency grant to allow small businesses who have applied for U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) due to COVID-19 to request an advance on that loan, of not more than $10,000, which the SBA must distribute within 3 days. It also states that applicants shall not be required to repay advance payments, even if subsequently denied for an EIDL loan. To apply for the EIDL loan, click here.

Virginia-Specific Funding

Local cities, towns, and counties throughout Virginia have begun to make loans available to their local businesses. Check your local government sites to see if there is one in your locality. Below are a few we’ve found:

Virginia Small Business Administration (SBA)

Leverage your local SBA for assistance. Below are a few things you can do now:

Tax Relief – Virginia Tax and Coronavirus Updates

Virginia Unemployment

  • Impact on employers – Virginia regional workforce teams will be activated to support employers that slow or cease operations. Employers who do slow or cease operations will not be financially penalized for an increase in workers requesting unemployment benefits.
  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) for workers whose job has been affected by the coronavirus – Workers should apply to receive UI if an employer needs to temporarily slow or cease operations due to COVID-19. If a worker has been issued a notice to self-quarantine by a medical or public health official and is not receiving paid sick or medical leave from their employer, they may be eligible to receive UI. A worker may also be eligible for UI if they must stay home to care for an ill family member and are not receiving paid family medical leave from their employer. When filing your claim for UI, check the reason for separation as Lack of Work/Lay off. If you will be filing because of a reduction in hours, you will not receive benefits unless your gross earnings are less than your weekly benefit amount. Currently, the maximum weekly benefit amount in Virginia is $378. Beginning with claims effective March 15, 2020, Governor Northam has directed that the one-week waiting period and the requirement to conduct a weekly job search both be suspended for those receiving UI. Apply at after you have been out of work at least 1 full day. If you do not have access to a computer, you can file your claim through our Customer Contact Center by calling 866-832-2363 Monday through Friday 8:15 am – 4:30 pm. Your claim will be effective Sunday of the week in which you submit your on-line application or file through our Customer Contact Center. How to file or re-open a claimFAQ’s.

Utility Disconnections Prohibited in Virginia

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) issued an order directing utilities it regulates, such as electric, natural gas, and water companies in Virginia, to suspend service disconnections for 60 days to provide immediate relief for any customer, residential and business, who may be financially impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Virginia Executive Orders & Other Virginia Employer Resources for COVID-19

Coronavirus in Virginia and News Releases from the Office of Governor Ralph Northam can be found here.

  • Stay-at-home order to remain in place until June 10, 2020, starting March 30, 2020. Full text of Executive Order #55.
  • Non-essential businesses must close or have restricted operations: Governor’s Executive Order #53: Businesses in violation of this order may be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor. Read the press releaseFAQs.
    • Essential Retail Business rules. All essential retail establishments must, to the extent possible, adhere to social distancing recommendations, enhanced sanitizing practices on common surfaces, and other appropriate workplace guidance from state and federal authorities. Any brick-and-mortar retail business not deemed essential must limit all in-person shopping to no more than 10 patrons per establishment, adhere to social distancing recommendations, sanitize common surfaces, and apply relevant workplace guidance from state and federal authorities. If any such business cannot adhere to the 10-patron limit with proper social distancing requirements, it must close.
    • Recreation and Entertainment Business rules.
    • Dining and On-Site Alcohol Establishments rules.
      • Alcohol for take-out and delivery: To support small restaurants, Virginia ABC is waiving regulations to allow restaurants to deliver beer and wine via take-out and delivery.
    • Workplace Safety – Governor Northam is directing all employers to follow the U.S. Department of Labor OSHA guidance on workplace safety.

Virginia Career Works (VCW) Centers

These Virginia employer resources for COVID-19 are matching job seekers with employers and providing an assortment of help to businesses and employers. Learn more. Below you’ll find a few key links to connect you to more of their resources:

Virginia Medical Insurance – Response to COVID-19

Questions? Free help is available. Visit

Additional Virginia Employer Resources for COVID-19 & Other Updates Available

We understand the whirlwind of resources and updates are enough to make heads spin. To help you stay informed and keep track of the numerous federal, state, and local government financial resources, we have curated key links and information that we would like to share with you. We’ve consolidated a PDF of resources we are updating regularly where you’ll find some additional highlights tracking actions the government is taking to support small businesses across DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you are aware of any Virginia Employer Resources for COVID-19 that we’ve missed, please contact us. Again, it is best to schedule time with us versus trying to call or email. Many businesses are in need right now and we are doing everything we can to assist as quickly as possible.