Talent that fits your enterprise.

At 365BOOKSPRO, we provide custom PRO-Recruiting and PRO-Staffing Solutions to help your business have a competitive advantage and quickly get the best talent when you need it.

When you are searching for temporary help or dedicated consultants for short and long-term or recurring projects, 365BOOKSPRO has qualified candidates with the skills your enterprise needs. We recruit for a broad range of skill sets and positions to fit the unique talent needs of your business. Meanwhile, we specialize in staffing positions in the accounting industry as well as general business operations because that’s where we’ve got the greatest expertise.

Enterprise PRO-Recruiting and PRO-Staffing Solutions

If you are facing a talent shortage, it is hard to land the workers you need, especially in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Let’s build your enterprise an unstoppable team. We possess four important things so your enterprise can thrive: an immense talent pool, endless industry know-how, strong relationships, and streamlined processes.

Customized Talent Search Process


Are you looking for a specific accountant skill set? Individuals who can balance the numbers, prepare your enterprise budget, and solve the most complex financial problems? Or a talent that fits your unique company culture. If so, you have come to the right place.

Our PROs can provide your enterprise with the experienced talent, ranging from an entry-level to a director-level position. Your enterprise might need new talent now or are exploring future options. Regardless, there is a diverse talent pool waiting for you.


Your enterprise is unique. You not only pick who best fits your enterprise needs and culture, you also get an ideal customized staffing plan.


PARTNER STAFFING. Our PRO-Recruiters help with the hiring process and get the staff you need, fast. Moreover, we consult with you to understand your accounting operations and find the right fit.

ON-SITE STAFFING. Does your enterprise need personnel embedded for day-to-day operations? We can certainly find a suitable candidate to meet your enterprise operations needs.

TEMP-TO-HIRE. In certain hiring situations, a temp-to-hire solution may be ideal. Therefore, you can evaluate a candidate on a contract basis. After that, you can make the decision to direct-hire.

PART-TIME or FULL-TIME. From entry-level to executives positions. Adding an experienced and qualified talent to your team can certainly be beneficial for your enterprise.

SHORT-TERM. Looking to complete a short-term accounting project? Maybe you need staff to cover a short leave of absence? Or your enterprise needs an Excel guru to tackle a complex spreadsheet? These situations are certainly perfect cases where we can provide you valued talent through temporary staffing needs.

SALARY OR HOURLY. We compile the resumes and you can have access to a bench of accountants you can hire for recurring or long-term projects when continuity is key.


SPECIALIZED AND LOCAL RECRUITERS. We can handle the recruiting or hiring process for you, from promoting your job and company to extending offers and negotiating pay. While many of our recruiters are specialized in the accounting industry, we’ve also got recruiters with other industry experience from automotive to the technology industry in Silicon Valley. Additionally, we are heavily networked within the DC, MD, and VA region so we know how unique – and competitive – the labor market is.

LONG-TERM RECRUITING OR STAFFING. Companies that utilize a staffing model are more profitable. The key to profitability is flexibility. For example, quickly ramping your team up or down provides you with a competitive advantage. Our PROs have the experience and resources to be your exclusive partner.

PAYROLL IS COVERED. Payroll can be quite costly so we’ve got a solution for you. Companies that need to add talent, but are not wanting to hire outright, can use our solution to payroll a candidate. 365BOOKSPRO maintains the role of the employer – so you can run your enterprise while we take care of payroll.

THOROUGH CANDIDATE VETTING PROCESS. Our background check is extensive so you can be comforted by the fact that you’ve got qualified, eligible candidates from the start. Our comprehensive process includes verification of employment history, education, and credentials. We also collect personal and professional references, review public records and governmental registries, perform detailed global data search. Our PRO-Recruiters also schedule and process any drug testing or medical screening desired.

CONTINUOUS EDUCATION FOR ACCOUNTING & BUSINESS OPERATIONS STAFF. 365BOOKSPRO PRO-Staffing team also has knowledge and experience that your accounting and business operations staff can tap into for continuous education and professional development. By tapping into our continuous education resources, you can trust that your staff are staying current with regulations, laws, and best practices.


We help you get your recruiting and staffing right. Looking at the big picture, we see how we can make your workforce more productive. We do this through a proven, smooth-running accounting and finance talent-delivery process that includes:


Our Enterprise PRO-Recruiting and PRO-Staffing Solution makes the most sense for companies looking to hire accounting and financial professionals. Why? Well, you get to focus on what you do best while our PROs fill your open positions. Additionally, your staff do not need to be directly hired as employees. Furthermore, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that your staff can tap into for continuous education and professional development. Our PROs can deliver you the solutions so your business can stay on track for the bright future ahead.


Our Enterprise PRO-Recruiting and PRO-Staffing Solutions offers professionals skilled and experienced in diverse backgrounds. We can fill positions such as:

Licensed Professionals

Maintains and audits company financial records. Also oversees budget and financial management.

Prepares and analyzes complex financial records and reports. Also compiles financial statements, reviews data, and ensures financial compliance. Above all, analyzes financial operations so the business is running efficiently.

Readies and maintains financial and business transactions. Likewise, applies accounting principles in an analytical, evaluative, and advisory nature. Prepares balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and other financial reports. In addition, analyzes trends, costs, and revenues.

Analyzes past and present financial data so your business can thrive. Also estimates future revenues and expenditures.

Manages tax reporting, tax planning, and compliance function. Also accurately prepares federal, state, or local tax returns for your enterprise.

Advance knowledge of tax law so your business can maximize planning, trends, and execute tax strategies.

Advanced Talent

Inputs data from timesheets, production records, or individual time cards so your computerized payroll system is maintained.

Keeps books and records of financial transactions so your business can thrive.

Performs a range of general clerical, accounting and bookkeeping support functions so your accountant isn’t overloaded. For instance, they’d process and reconcile monthly statements from vendors/suppliers. Also, they would perform data entry such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, contracts. Finally, they would assist the accounting department with miscellaneous tasks and other duties as necessary.

Processes accounts payable and accounts receivable. Also assists in month-end reporting procedures and performs various clerical tasks.

Assist with the day-to-day running of the business so your clerical and administrative processes are covered. For example, this staff would support tasks such as organizing meetings and travel arrangements, responding to inquiries, and implementing office procedures and systems.

Are you looking for other talent in the accounting field or with some other expertise? Our PRO-Recruiting and PRO-Staffing Solutions can help you fill positions so your business has the talent you need. For instance, maybe you are looking for an accountant manager, office manager, or another senior-level position. In short, we can help provide you strong candidates.


Employers, let’s discuss your recruiting and staffing needs to build your best workforce so your business can thrive.

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