Make a Referral = Cash in Your Pocket

The 365BOOKSPRO Referral Program allows you to quickly help businesses in your network while increasing your cash flow. We believe in supporting our greater business community and the power of paying it forward. That is why we are excited to give you a cash incentive for your confidence in our PROs and the win-win business connections you’ve helped foster.


    As our thanks to you for sending us a successful referral match, you’ll get 5% of the first-month bookkeeping fee we collect for every referral that joins 365BOOKSPRO as a new client.


    Unlike some referral programs that offer restrictive rewards such as gift cards, we offer cash! In fact, you can take your bonus in cash payout or apply it as credit towards a future service with us or any open balance.


    Any business in your network that you believe could benefit from utilizing our PRO services! While we can only award you the referral finder’s fee for business referrals that result in bookkeeping services, we are grateful for any business referral you send. For more information on qualified referrals, see the FAQs and Policies below.


    Submit a referral by fully completing the referral form to the right. If your referral becomes a client of 365BOOKSPRO, a member of the 365BOOKSPRO team will contact you to notify you of your payout and discuss payment processing.  Above all, we aim to make the referral process as smooth as possible for both the referrer and referee and encourage your submissions for businesses that could benefit from 365BOOKSPRO services.



Clients of 365BOOKSPRO or any Business Affiliates are encouraged to refer potential new business opportunities for review and consideration. A few examples of business affiliates that have referred our way include business owners, insurance agents, bankers, financial advisors, and other firms or individuals in the accounting industry passing along a client or lead that would be a better fit for our PROs. While we encourage employees and contractors to be an advocate for our services and send leads our way, 365BOOKSPRO employees (W2) and contractors (1099) are not eligible to receive a referral incentive.

There is no cap on the number of referrals that any individual or business can make or rewards that can be earned. Further, once your referral has become familiar with 365BOOKSPRO, they too could earn rewards for referring new clients. You can share network connections of fellow business owners, business affiliates, business partners, and other business contacts. Therefore, the more you refer, the more money you can earn!

Uncompromising integrity, confidentiality, and respect are top priorities for our PROs. Therefore, we treat all referrals with the utmost care. When we reach out to your contact, we will let them know how we are connected. If it is a win-win situation where they desire our services, great, you’ve just helped out two businesses. However, if we are not a match, we will thank them for their time and move on. Finally, we will not sell or distribute their information or yours.

Referral rewards are typically distributed one month after a referral has received their first month of service. In other words, for you, the referrer, to receive the referral reward, the referred 365BOOKSPRO prospect must have signed on as a client, received their first month of service, and paid for that service.


A qualified referral is defined as a business that becomes a bookkeeping client of 365BOOKSPRO. The referral must be a new lead for 365BOOKSPRO; not already identified in our client or lead database. Likewise, the referral must be complete including company name, contact information, and known contact names of the potential decision-maker(s). The referral must be the primary contractor on the engagement and not a subcontractor for another company. Also, the referral must be a business that makes $500,000 or more in revenue over a twelve-­month period. Additionally, the referral must be closed within twelve months. Finally, 365BOOKSPRO reserves the right to determine if the referral is qualified.

No. In fact, per the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), we are only able to provide a referral fee for bookkeeping services for activities such as recording and balancing the books. We offer customized bookkeeping services tailored to our clients’ needs including general bookkeeping, bookkeeping back work and cleanup, and bookkeeping staffing.

If two or more individuals submit the same business as a referral, only the first referrer will qualify to receive any referral rewards.

The referral must be submitted through our referral form on this webpage or the Bookkeeping Referral Program Form page. To clarify, verbal and other forms of referral are ineligible. However, we do ask all new clients and leads if they have been referred. Therefore, we want to ensure you receive the incentive you deserve (and were expecting).

  • 365BOOKSPRO follows IRS tax rules for reporting referral payments via 1099-NEC (Non-Employee Compensation).
  • To clarify, 365BOOKSPRO reserves the right to refuse to pay the referral incentive upon notice of ineligibility.


Our PROs have put much thought and care into our 365BOOKSPRO Referral Program. However, if you have any questions, concerns, or ways you believe this program could be improved, please contact us.

Legal Disclaimer: 365BOOKSPRO may modify or cancel the 365BOOKSPRO Referral Program at any time.