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We’ve re-launched our 365BOOKSPRO YouTube channel and we’d love to have you subscribe! We are committed to helping our clients and other business owners unlock a superior financial strategy to achieve greater financial prosperity. We created this channel to share the knowledge we have gleaned providing professional accounting, bookkeeping, financial, and business consulting services.

Every week, we release videos on 365BOOKSPRO to help you learn about resources and strategies you can apply to your business. From evaluating cash flow to analyzing your sales, we’ll bring relevant, timely info on clear steps you can take to strengthen your business finances today.


Below you’ll find a recap of some of the videos we’ve posted. While you may notice some content is specific to certain industries, many of the principles can be applied to other businesses. We hope you enjoy the content!

Business Owner Q&A with Legal Expert, Jennifer Schiffer

Wondering how you can protect your business legally so it can financially flourish? Take a few minutes and join our accounting PRO Melanie as she asks our lawyer, Jennifer Schiffer, of Bean, Kinney & Korman questions and gets answers. Watch now!

Automotive Industry Spotlight Videos

Check out our new video playlist where we cover pricing strategiesCOGS and how to make a profit, and working capital PRO tips.

Construction Industry Spotlight Videos

Check out our new video playlist where we feature pricing strategies, labor burden ratelabor price and markupjob costing compared to process costingjob costing reporting elementsjob scheduling, project management using the critical path methodbudgeting for your business, and more PRO tips.

COVID-19 Support & Insights for Business Owners

Small businesses everywhere have already overcome more challenges than we ever imagined dealing with COVID-19. What if your employees do not return? How will your business operate? This video aims to help you navigate employee and customer concerns. You will also find FAQs employers have to address various employment and unemployment challenges.

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