Large employers and small business owners are worried about how the COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, will impact their business finances. The government is taking measures to support small businesses across DC, Maryland, Virginia, and the entire United States who are all experiencing this historic event. We understand the whirlwind of resources and updates are enough to make heads spin. To help you stay informed and keep track of the numerous federal, state, and local government financial resources, we have curated key links and information that we would like to share with you.

The document is accessible to everyone and includes highlights we’ve found to help answer some of your burning questions about financing and tax relief. Keep in mind, things are fluid right now with aid and relief coming. We’ll update you with more details as we discover them. If you have additional information or links you believe would be of benefit, let us know and we’ll make updates.

COVID-19 Financial Guidance

Click on image above or this link to the document.

Do you want to read more about how your business can be prepared to weather this COVID-19 pandemic? Read our other blog posts about COVID-19 financial guidance for employers and business owners. From our first post about Tax Deferral and Economic Injury Disaster Loans to the Employer Tax Credits offering 100% payback for eligible emergency sick & family leave, our aim is to keep you informed and prepared to act in the best interest of your business.

Again, if you have any questions or need anything, don’t hesitate to schedule time with us.