COVID-19 Financial Guidance for Employers Across DC, Maryland, Virginia, & Beyond

We understand employers and business owners are worried about how COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, will impact their business finances amidst shutdowns and uncertainty. The government is taking measures to support small businesses across the entire United States who are all experiencing a slowdown. Don’t panic, we are monitoring the federal, [...]

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Business Year-end Tax Preparation Checklist

What you do at the end of the year can help set up your business for success for the new year. The holiday season can make the end of the year a stressful time for many business owners. To help you, 365BOOKSPRO created this Business Year-end Tax Preparation Checklist that [...]

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(6) Accounting Terms Business Owners Should Know:

Understanding your finances can be confusing at first, but to add some clarity, here are the top six accounting terms to know and understand your business finances: Assets Materials that are directly owned by a company and have future economic values. In other words, an asset can be easily turned [...]

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Accounting Software: QuickBooks Online vs. Xero

We get asked all the time, which accounting software is better for my business, Quickbooks Online or Xero? If you’re new in the business world, it might be hard to decide which software is better for you. So here’s a short overview of QuickBooks Online and Xero. Key Aspects to [...]

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DCAA Compliance Accounting

DCAA is the “Defense Contract Audit Agency” which works under the Department of Defense (DoD). DCAA helps enforce rules and guidelines for contractors and agencies created by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS). The primary role of DCAA is to ensure tax dollars are being spent wisely [...]

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2018 Report Consolidation for Small Business Owners

While the majority of businesses focus on their respective March and April Deadlines, it is important to remember that accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses starts earlier. The first filing for most businesses is typically for 1099’s (Not sure if you have 1099's? Check out our explanation of employees vs [...]

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Accounting Software: Tracking Your Bottom Line

Tracking your business receipts and transactions can be daunting and tedious. From time tracking to ensuring the safety of your information, having the right tools can help understanding your bottom line easier, managing these transactions more efficient, and help scaling up much easier. As a small business owner, freelancer, entrepreneur, [...]

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Employees VS. Contractors

Employees Versus Contractors Many employers fail to identify the difference between Employees versus Contractors administratively and when they are doing accounting or tax prep.  What is the proper way to classify a worker? Knowing the difference can help save you hassles and delays but also the best way to create [...]

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How to Record a Business Expense

It's no news that record keeping is important for all businesses to deduct their business expenses. These business expenses must be able to have certain elements of information. The best method is to maintain adequate evidence by establishing your books and keeping them up to date.  (3) General rules to [...]

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