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Virginia Employer Resources For COVID-19 Response

Below you'll find our Virginia Edition of our COVID-19 Financial Guidance for Employers Across the DMV region. We are here to help employers across DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) with their financial strategy navigating COVID-19 challenges and have prepared this Virginia Employer Resources for COVID-19 to help our Virginia-based clients. [...]

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COVID-19 Financial Guidance for Employers Across DC, Maryland, Virginia, & Beyond

We understand employers and business owners are worried about how COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, will impact their business finances amidst shutdowns and uncertainty. The government is taking measures to support small businesses across the entire United States who are all experiencing a slowdown. Don’t panic, we are monitoring the federal, [...]

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Business Year-end Tax Preparation Checklist

What you do at the end of the year can help set up your business for success for the new year. The holiday season can make the end of the year a stressful time for many business owners. To help you, 365BOOKSPRO created this Business Year-end Tax Preparation Checklist that [...]

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(6) Accounting Terms Business Owners Should Know:

Understanding your finances can be confusing at first, but to add some clarity, here are the top six accounting terms to know and understand your business finances: Assets Materials that are directly owned by a company and have future economic values. In other words, an asset can be easily turned [...]

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